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Condition brings Saraswati water to religious websites

TNN Dec 25, 2010, 05. 03am IST NATÜRLICH

KURUKSHETRA: Location administration associated with Kurukshetra has successfully revived a percentage associated with water-flow path on ancient Saraswati Water at some spiritual locations.

As part of Saraswati drain project from the state government, the department of Waterways claims to finish the project in just next couple of months. Still the task reached a stop after the course of the drinking water was blocked by some farmers associated with Pipli. Authorities on Friday declared all of the all decks for the completing the project have been removed and the project will be completed within next couple of months.

Saraswati is known as one of the holy rivers by thousands and a variety of religious businesses have been running a campaign for its repair. The state is looking to develop spiritual tourism across the water course.

Kurukshetra’s extra deputy office, Sumedha Kataria, who has been actively supervising the project on the ground, declared every encroachments were becoming removed.

Still the dream of continuous moving water within the drain will be fulfilled just after water starts flowing within the under structure Dadupur Nalvi channel, which would draw drinking water through Yamuna.

Till then the drain would be used to carry rainy water from your area to Bibipur Pond. Executive Engineer, Waterways, DK Garg declared this could also work as a channel during monsoons to supply irrigation to farmers. More than Rs one crore have already been spent on the 28-feet-wide and also five-feet-deep drain.

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