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Javed Jabbar: India-Pakistan connections can transcend one terrible event

Sameer Arshad Jan 18, 2013, twelve. 00AM IST

Even while tensions bust out bet-ween India and Pakistan, former Pakistan ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Javed Jabbar , associated with Track II diplomacy because the nineteen nineties, offers the perspective on ways forward. Talking to Sameer Arshad , Jabbar talked about arenas where India and Pakistan have got cooperated, the importance of Monitor II diplomacy — and another issue increasingly vital to each countries:

You have been linked to the longest-running India-Pakistan Monitor II pro-cess. How can you measure the current scenario with killings and firing at the LoC?

There are two reactions. 1, of deep distress at the way in which some Indian media have got adopted the jingoistic strategy. The horrible incident of beheading, if this has occurred, is condemnable and an inhuman action. But without waiting for impartial verification, to consider this particular jingoistic approach to Pakistan is disappointing.

But i have better confidence in the comprehensiveness of the bilateral romantic relationship and the durability of some of its positive aspects. For 2 countries that have gone to war over thrice within the last sixty-five years, we have the actual Indus waters treaty that has survived for 52 decades. We have often times cooperated at the United Nations where India does not wish to discuss Kashmir but is nevertheless able to cooperate with Pakistan when it comes to electing each other to the UNSC. We have cooperated within mutual confidence-building measures, which range from the safety of our nuc-lear installation to industry, travel and people-to-people contacts.

This is a detailed relationship which is able to transcend the actual immediate shock of one terrible event.

Just how has Monitor II worked with strengthening this particular romantic relationship?

The main thing regarding Track II is that it never ever deluded itself to become Track I. It is designed to supplement and reinforce and exactly where possible, help Track I. The ultimate credit and responsibility to the conduct of bilateral relations is on the governments. In the last twenty years, i believe the Monitor II processes have got served very important purposes, particularly on the marketing of industry, traveling, exchange of media personnel, religious tourism, and so forth

Also on Kashmir, Siachen and Friend Creek, each publicly and privately, various mixtures have been recommended for the consideration of the governments. Even though Track II does not indicate any significant developments, the worth is in providing a pro-cess through which we listen to one another — listening with attention and respect is a great portion of building rely on.

The number of disciplines represented in Monitor II has additionally broadened to incorporate industry, security, cultural and social problems. Over time, Monitor II has tended to become much more representative of community, instead of becoming unidirectional.

Finally, you’re associated with environmental preservation — how can the two countries work together on this increasingly crucial front side?

Monitor II has tackled the issue of whether the two countries can strengthen co-operation in changes to the climate, preservation and biodiversity, apart from learning from every other’s encounters. Whether it is mutually tackling the virtually catastrophic extinction of species such as vultures in South Asia in the last ten years, or perhaps the issue of the water conservation and biodiversity which is gravely endangered, there is plenty of scope that is explored. Both governments have been educated about options and i also would believe it can more push the serenity procedure.

Sections of effort might, on the face from it, look irrelevant to Kashmir or perhaps Siachen — but they have got accumulative value which contribute to the actual mosaic.

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