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Am I Allowed To Say Merry Christmas, Since I Am An?

atheist? I think I should be able to considering Christmas is a pagan holiday.

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  1. Rai A says:

    The difficulty is that some Christians will take the comment to suggest that the speaker is a closeted Christian, wile others may take offense that non-christians are adopting their holy day (look at the questions asking why do Atheists (etc) celebrate their festival. Recognizing that others don’t give a hoot as long as they can practice their faith without harassment. So I usually say…. * Happy Christmas, as well as Hanukkah, Diwali, Eid, * Saga Dawa, Yuletide Summer/Winter Solstice & to * the Atheists – “Have a nice day”.. * Have a Safe & Holy Festival .

  2. Ceisiwr says:

    Merry Christmas!! Christmas has its roots in pre-Christian religions; the reason was merely changed when the Roman Empire enforced Christianity from appeasing the sun so that it returned in springtime, or the Saturnalia, or whatever other feasts were celebrated in mid-winter. And the roots of Santa Claus are probably ancient Norse/Germanic religions, perhaps a connection with Odin and Yule. He has been Christianised by being identified with St Nicholas of Myra. Other supernatural beings and traditions of pre-Christian religions – such as fairies and elves – have also survived as part of Christmas lore. As with so many ancient holidays, it is now a secular holiday and has also been commercialised to the extent that its religious origins (pre-Christian and Christian) have almost become forgotten.

  3. Robert S says:

    Christmas cannot be considered a Pagan holiday; despite the fact that it coincides with Saturnalia. But as a true atheist you cannot celebrate any. The only official holiday for atheists is April Fools day.

  4. somathus says:

    Of course you are. You can think what you want, but there is nothing wrong with saying Merry Xmas. They merry is the important part. You are wishing people a nice day.

  5. Babs says:

    >>I think I should be able to considering Christmas is a pagan holiday.<< I thought atheism and paganism were two different things.

  6. punch says:

    I do. If someone says Merry Christmas I usually say Merry Christmas back and some times I just say Happy Holidays. I mean, who’s going to know you’re an atheist by saying either?

  7. liwmld says:

    Christmas celebrates Christ’s birth, not pagan rituals. but whatever… you may say Merry Christmas, if you like.

  8. ? says:

    Sure, Christmas isn’t reserved for Christians, it’s more of a commercialized, American things nowadays.

  9. Wishful Spirit says:

    You can say anything you want. It’s kind to wish others a happy holiday, as long as you’re sure they celebrate it. A Jewish person or Muslim might be offended tho.

  10. Everard J says:

    I don’t know or care… I’ve been saying Merry Xmas when I wanted to and I don’t feel in the least hypocritical… there’s no Jebus in my xmas. ~

  11. ? says:

    chill out, christmas is an atheist holiday! and all other commercial holidays are too.

  12. hippo37 says:

    You’ll probably be struck by lightening, but that’ll be after you say it….Make sure you carry some mistletoe in case.

  13. ? says:

    No. Don’t you dare. Trouble maker.

  14. rocknrol says:

    I do and I am. I really don’t celebrate it though. I just say it to be decent

  15. A DRAGON says:

    No problem – I do it. Doesn’t seem to hurt much.

  16. Jeff S says:

    Your day is April 1st.

  17. The REAL Steel Deal!!! says:

    Say it!!! Go ahead…

  18. Jake says:

    i never said you could not say it

  19. sailorma says:

    It’s a free country, say what ever you want.

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